Tadd’s Lighthouse is a recognized leader in providing compassionate, holistic care.

We combine healthcare expertise with compassionate, individualized care delivery

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we don’t treat clients we treat people

Always shining as a beacon of hope, serving as a port of safety and respect,
and standing as a consistent, sturdy base of advocacy.

Supported Employment

We provide supported employment services to meet the needs of each individual, providing job and employment training and support for disabled adults.

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Community Residential

We work with an individual’s entire support team to design a custom care plan based on his or her specific needs. We treat our clients like family, because when they’re here, they are.

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In-Home Services

We work with both adult and youth patients, ensuring they receive specialized treatment with a focus on increasing and maintaining independence.

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We opened Tadd’s Lighthouse in 2007 because we saw a need for an alternative to traditional institutionalized care options

Tadd’s Lighthouse is a family owned and run organization that combines the love and support of family with a highly trained and dedicated staff. Our model is focused on holistic care, adapting the surroundings to provide the highest quality of life for each person, and creating an environment that maximizes personal success.

Jacob Comee | Chief Executive Officer