Jacob and Steve Comee founded Tadd’s Lighthouse in 2007 as an alternative to institutionalized care options. They utilized their collection passion to create an adult foster care and related services model that focuses on adapting the environment and providing person-centered holistic care. Their model embraces the uniqueness of each person to maximise their independence and life enjoyment.

Tadd’s Lighthouse understands the complexities and challenges that come with opening an adult foster care and related services business. Today they lend their vast healthcare expertise to healthcare professionals who share a mutual passion for compassionate and benevolent care and wish to develop or expand their programs.

Tadd’s Lighthouse will provide holistic and individualized adult foster care and related services in a
loving, family-based environment. Our dedicated and highly trained staff will work collaboratively
with the interdisciplinary team, including the individual, family, social services, and medical
professionals to design a person-centered treatment program nurturing the whole person: mind, body,
and spirit. We strive to maximize individual freedom and liberty, while providing state-of-the-art care.
At Tadd’s Lighthouse we respect and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each person. Every
employee will embrace and contribute to the Tadd’s Lighthouse mission—always shining as a beacon
of hope, serving as a port of safety and respect, and standing as a consistent, sturdy base of advocacy.