The Marina

The Marina

Tadd’s Lighthouse created the Marina to provide supported employment services in a supportive, holistic manner. Just as a lighthouse provides guidance in a storm, a marina is a specially designed shelter for protection. Much like a marina, we welcome all who need shelter from the open water. We embrace these individuals, provide them the support and guidance they need. We welcome them for as long as they need to stay and help them set sail on their own when ready.

Our specialized staff provides job and employment training and support for disabled adults. We work collaboratively with individuals in our marina to set goals and strategies to develop the necessary skills to meet these goals.

We customize our services to meet the unique needs of each individual. Some of our service highlights include:

  • Collaborative support and goal setting
  • Customized growth plans to maximize individuality and personal development
  • Job coaching to provide skills necessary to maximize freedom and employability
  • Work opportunities with several employment partners
  • Follow-up support to continue growth and development

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1420 Seargents Avenue
Suite 904 – 920
Carlton, Victoria 3342