About Us



We opened Tadd’s Lighthouse in 2007 because we saw a need for an alternative to traditional institutionalized care options—one that embraces and celebrates the person’s unique nature of each person.

Tadd’s Lighthouse is a family owned and run organization that combines the love and support of family with a highly trained and dedicated staff. Our model is focused on holistic care, adapting the surroundings to provide the highest quality of life for each person, and creating an environment that maximizes personal success.

At Tadd’s Lighthouse, you’ll not only receive expert care and services—you’ll get the love and support of a family. Because when you’re with us, you are family.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing holistic, loving care to each of our patients. Every member of our staff was selected for their combination of impeccable expertise and their ability to embracing individuality. The end result is unmatched quality of care, in loving, supportive environment.

We work collaboratively with the individual, family, social workers, and medical professionals to design a person-centered care program nurturing the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. We  encourage independence while providing state-of-the-art care.

We respect and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each person, and our employees embrace and contribute to our mission: 

“Always shining as a beacon of hope, serving as a port of safety and respect, and standing as a consistent, sturdy base of advocacy.”






Our Name

Tadd’s Lighthouse was chosen very carefully for what it represents—both to us, and to those we serve.

The lighthouse is a guiding light, keeping ships safe and on course—much as we guide individuals in a safe, compassionate manner that allows them to find their own course.

The lighthouse’s location and design empower it to stand firm in the storm, with a light shining strong regardless of weather—much as we remain sturdy advocates and positive forces for our individuals, regardless of the adversity they face.

And Tadd, our company’s namesake, someone who left this world far before his time, shone bright to all who knew him. And though he’s gone, his light is lasting, and it continues to be a source of guidance. We strive to have this loving endeavor, created by Tadd’s family and friends, shine as a beacon of hope, serve as a port of safety and respect, and stand as a consistent, sturdy base of advocacy.

May those who pass this way, either in residence or vocation, enjoy and respect the creation all around, be comfortable in their own skin, embrace the simple things in life, watch over others, stand against adverse winds, and let their Light shine.

Leadership Team

Jacob Comee

Chief Executive Officer
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Steve Comee

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Jamie Knese

Designated Manager
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Amber Paulson

Director of Human Resources
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Lisa Comee

Director of Payroll and Finance
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Carol Anderson

Director of Nursing
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